Blogger's Last Adieu

You're the only one,that visits every day. My series on the top ten things to see in Margate Bay remains unfinished. But you don't care that I gave up at number two. It's all the same to you.

I tagged each post in exactly the right way Still your index of my dreams and of all I try to say remains unfound. But I don't care that no-one else will see. It's all the same to me.

I've tried to talk tried to share, make connections through the air, Me and this girl from South Korea once swapped likes! But next day, hers was gone. My stats went back to one.

So, now that we're friends you should know There's no-one else for me to talk to even though you're just a bot. Just don't be shocked if next time you come around It says 404 not found.

----- Inspired by Neil Gaiman's 'I Google You'