Making a hand drawn infographic

I wanted to create an infographic that was packed with information to give to people who came to my UX for data visualisation training. One of the toughest things when you do training is to find ways to keep the inspiration and new ways of working alive when you go back to the office. 

My idea was to make a poster that was interesting and fun enough that delegates would want to put it up in their workspace. As far away as possible from a boring PowerPoint slide that would be thrown away immediately.

I had the content already, as it follows the structure of the training, but I wan’t sure how I was going to put it all on the page. 

I sketched out a few different layouts, to organise my thoughts, and see what might look balanced and inviting.

Once I was happy with the structure, I drew it in pencil on a piece of ordinary printer paper; squashing things and moving them around to get it all to fit.

Then comes the inking - I use a lightbox so I don’t have to ink over originals. The pen and paper I use changes a lot, I’m still looking for a favourite combination. For this project it was the Kuretake Zig Cocoiro Letter pen on Daler Rowney A4 Bristol Board.

Then I scan it, tweak any bits I'm not happy with, and add the colour in Photoshop with a Wacom Cintiq. I suppose I could start in Photoshop, but I prefer having the rough edges of hand drawn images, and it’s too tempting to try and make everything perfect if I start digitally — it ends up with no personality!

For this project, once I looked at the final piece, I was unhappy with how it was sitting on the page — objects seemed to be flying loose with no anchor, so I added the dots to give it more of a self-contained frame.

And there it is!

ux poster FINAL.jpg