Finding Inspiration

Someone at a talk I gave the other day asked me where I look for inspiration. No matter what you do, I think it's important to look beyond your own discipline, otherwise you start to produce shadows of other people's work, saying little that is new or exciting. Here are a few resources I turn to when I want to shake up my approach.

  1. The Art Assignment Youtube Channel. They visit cities and artists across the world to discuss and explore different artistic styles and media.
  2. Illustration portfolios. A great place to get ideas for colour and layout, there are many illustrators whose work I love. Here's just a few to check out: Eleni KalorkotiVicto NgaiTom Gauld.
  3. The British Library image collection on Flickr. Warning: a click hole of beauty that may consume many hours!

Do you have places you go for inspiration? I'd love to hear! Let me know on Twitter.