The purpose of doing the SF count is to draw attention to the lack of inclusivity in SF book reviews. It's been running since 2010, but this is the first time I've been involved, and I wanted to design something that was simple, engaging and easy to share.



Tableau, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects.



My co-author, Niall Harrison, Strange Horizons Editor-in-Chief, collected the data about each review and publication manually. The data is available in the Tableau dashboard.



The critical questions I wanted to answer were: what does the data show in 2015? how has it changed since last year? how has it changed over time? and how do I satisfy the few users who will want to see the granular detail of the data? Lastly, my client (Niall Harrison, Strange Horizons editor) was rightly concerned to put the results in the context of the size of each venue. Some venues review 300+ books a year, and some less than 30. A percentage change in these different venues has a vastly different impact on the overall market.

Interested in more detail? Check out this blog post.