The client has a heavily creative set of internal stakeholders who were not familiar with digital marketing metrics, nor comfortable interpreting large amounts of data or charts. The brief was to create something simple and engaging for top line consumer connection metrics, so that the team could educate colleagues gently into the measures and their importance. 

This is phase one of the analytics reporting. Phase two will focus on effectiveness and sharing lessons learned.


I followed a UX approach to this work, shaping the problem in terms of user needs, sketching prototypes and conducting usability testing. This led to a result that was embraced by users and approved by the steering group.

Additionally, the dashboard contains a lot of contextual information, background and help on interpreting the data when users roll over charts or '?'.


Illustrator, Tableau.


The data in this version is mocked up due to client confidentiality. For the actual piece, data cam from Adestra.