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The data design workshop is a one day course combining user experience and visual design techniques tailored for presenting and communicating data.

Workshop Overview


This course is an introduction to data design techniques.

How to approach structure, layout, and design questions when building reports, dashboards, and visualisations.

Techniques to support excellent visual hierarchy decisions. How to tell the user what information is important, and how the different parts are related.

How to make paper prototypes, and introduction to data design patterns and other resources for design inspiration.

Participants are asked to bring examples of their own reports to the session. We will spend time applying the skills they learn in the workshop to their own work and developing a plan for changes.

(Sharing the report with the rest of the group is entirely voluntary!)

Who is it for?

Anyone who analyses or explains data, insights, or modelling to a company or public audience as part of their work (or even for fun). And especially anyone who has seen a room of people switch off when a complex chart is put up for discussion and wants to make sure that doesn’t happen any more.

If you'd like to get a training day especially for your team, to drive a more consistent approach to presenting data, drop me a mail.

Download the course brochure for more details.

Previous attendees say:

"My team left with learnings that they have already implemented. They were all really positive and energised following the session."

Mark - Head of Finance

"The new reports they designed are so visual and easy to read. Much more engaging and simple. Good stuff."

Nick, Stores Director