The client wanted a mobile friendly Tableau dashboard that provided a standard set of metrics for any customer segment, placing the segment in the context of the overall business performance.



Pen, paper, and Tableau.

I follow a UX development approach for visualisations of all kinds, which means sketching and testing multiple ideas before building anything in a tool. The first image shows the final set of sketches in a series of iterations and improvements made during one afternoon. Using this approach gave the client a chance to feed back on multiple versions, clarifying the message and thinking each time.



The client wanted the template to work equally well whether they were focusing on a marketing segment (e.g. affluent older people), or a data defined segment (e.g. those who research online and then shop in store).

I combined indexed fields, percentage changes, and total sales values to answer the two key questions: how is this segment performing vs. other customers, and how important to the overall business is that change? 

Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 16.39.38.png